Design Ideas for Your New Country Home

A picturesque country house set in a beautiful serene landscape is like a dream come true. Partner with the best company building homes Sydney has and achieve a new cost-effective house that your family can share memories with. Here are some family-friendly design ideas for your lovely country house.


The Traditional Farm House


The traditional farm house blends seamlessly in rural as well as sub-urban locations. A wooden house with gabled roofs, large front porches or wrap-around verandas invite guests to a warm relaxing gathering. Inside, a large living room or spacious eat-in kitchen provides space to enjoy a hearty home-cooked meal with friends and loved ones. The farm house exudes the homey feeling that every family would love. Choose among the Spring farm house and land packages for your ideal farm house design.


The Dreamy Cottage House


The cottage house design not only brings to life a familiar tale from a storybook. A steep rooftop and an irregular interior lay-out offers a variety of visual surprises. The exterior facade in stone, brick or wood and a welcoming door that opens to an open space offers a feeling of belongingness. The charming cottage promises a warm and cozy ambiance best for small-sized families. Though adorable and miniature compared to villas, the cottage house built by the best company building homes Sydney has can treat your family to smart designs that leave ample space for precious family activities.


The Rustic Cabin House


A cabin in the woods is a perfect escape from the bustle of urban life. A log house in the mountains completes the rustic organic ambiance of the wild beautiful terrain. A log house in sub-urban and town settings is a charm. While rustic-looking in its exterior, the interior design provides a luxurious vacation every time you go home.


The Adorable Prairie House


The prairie house stays true to its roots. The naturally organic house serves as a functional home with open floor plans and simple designs. The flat roofs that run parallel to rows of windows provide a lovely horizontal pattern ideal for wide-spaced lands. The simple spread of a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright promises a comfortable living and lots of space for you and your family to breath in. Look through Gregory Hills house and land catalogue for the perfect prairie house design for your family.


The Pleasant Ranch House


The Tudor and Colonial houses are elegant and bold. However, if you want a house that welcomes and opens to cheerful embraces and pleasantries, the ranch house is the perfect house for you. The single floor and split-level floor plans, minimal interior walls, low-pitched roof and large windows provide space to run around. Designed for functionality, the ranch house also connects to a garage. Many of the modern designs featured in many Riverstone house and land packages derive inspiration from the ranch house.


If you want a cost-effective new house with a country theme, you can choose from among these designs. Find out more about award-winning architectural designs from Eden Brae Homes at HTTP://WWW.EDENBRAEHOMES.COM.AU/. Eden Brae Homes is a reputed company committed to building homes Sydney area has at the moment.