How to Do a Quality Bathroom Renovation While Keeping the Costs Low

The bathroom is one of the sections in your home that needs regular upgrading. Of course you’d want to bathe on a golden tub or use a pink toilet, illuminated by ten naked bulbs reflecting on a granite countertop. For you to build such a spa bathroom you might need to spend close to $50,000, which might be far from what you can afford. But all is not lost: you need not spend mega-bucks to remodel your bathroom into a cool, relaxing space. There are many innovative ways in which you can do a bathroom renovation on budget. Take a look at how you can redesign your bathroom and still save some bucks.

Work with a Competent Contractor

Of course you can renovate your bathroom on your own, and like other DIY projects, its looks cheaper than hiring a contractor. That is far from the truth. Hiring an expert in bathroom renovations in Melbourne, such as Cutting-edge Bathroom Renovations & Extensions, can save you a lot of money in the long run. First, they will guide you to places where you can buy less expensive supplies. An expert also guarantees you top quality work that won’t need repairs in the near future. Hiring an expert bathroom renovator is a win win for you.

Limit on Tiling

Tile can take your costs to the rooftop. In addition to being expensive, you need to hire a specialized contractor to lay it out. To save money, limit the tile you use in the area. You may tile around the shower and tub and paint the rest of the area.

Consider Your Choice Of Countertops

Purchasing high-cost granite countertops is not always necessary. Look at it this way; bathroom countertops occupy a very small portion of the area making the return on investment fairly low in comparison to the initial cost of installing. Color of the countertop also determines costs. Popular colors such as light beige, brown and tan tend to be more expensive. Be flexible with the color of your countertop and save some money.

Invest in New Fixtures

Updating light fixtures such as drawer pulls, towel ranks and sink faucets can make a great difference in your bathroom. Fixture will cost very little and make the bathroom look brand new.

Buy Used Bathroom Accessories

You can still pull that look that you want with used accessories. There are sites in the internet that specifically sell used bathroom accessories such as tubs, toilets, sinks, mirrors and doors. Used does not cost the same as new so you’ll certainly save money.

Buy Green Upgrades

Do you know that environmentally-friendly accessories will cost you the same if not less than their traditional counterparts? Now you know. You will not only save now, but you will also save money in the future with such kind of upgrades. Low-flow toilets, for instance, use less water which will ultimately reduce your water utility.

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom on budget, the tips discussed above will act as a good guidance. You can visit and ask for more advice at the Cutting-edge Bathroom Renovations Melbourne area office. For more details, visit at: