Seek Professional Advice to Give Your Lawn a Better Start

Without adequate professional guidance, your dream to have a healthy lawn can simply degenerate into wasted effort and resources, due to lack of appropriate advice. Therefore, offers a credible source of information that can help you achieve the lawn of your dream.

For example, before you start your lawn installation project, you need to know how much seed you will use, how much it costs, and land preparation procedures involved. Especially for those venturing into the project for the first time, this can be a big challenge. To avoid inconveniences, seek appropriate information first before you initiate the project. To that end, a reliable web page contains the best information.

Here are some of the areas that you need to observe when you are ready with your lawn project.

Planting by seed option

If you decide to use seed, the amount depends on the space you want to cover. However, experts say that a pound of seed can cover up to 2000 square feet. It is advisable to get appropriate measures and quantities from a recognized Acworth lawn maintenance company. Follow this link to access valuable information about the correct amount of seed to use for your space.

When it comes to land preparation for seed, make the top soil loose by raking it about six inches deep. Apply a starter fertilizer. Alternatively, you can add a slow-release organic fertilizer.

On the planting day, spread the seed and cover with a thin layer of topsoil or compost. Apply water slightly to improve contact between seed and soil. Find out more information from a company offering the best lawn mowing service in Acworth based on the type of grass you are planting. Some seeds may need only light to sprout.

Keep your lawn bed moist by misting it daily in the morning and evening, except on the day it rains. Three weeks after planting, the seeds should be able to sprout and you need to cut back watering when the grass develops 2-3 blades. After mowing once or twice, reduce watering and stick to one-inch per week rule.

Planting by sod option

With this option, experts recommend addition of about 5% of the planting material to the area you intend to cover.

Land preparation begins before delivery and you should till the soil about six inches deep. Use a rake to make top soil smooth and do not apply fertilizer.

On the planting day, plant immediately after delivery to avoid drying and withering of grass. Make the soil wet before laying the sod, and bind the edges tightly together. Apply water to enhance root contact with the soil. Apply starter fertilizer at this stage.

After planting, keep the sod moist by applying water slightly for 2-4 weeks. This will help grass establish roots. Try pulling gently to find out if the roots are established. If so, cut back water application to every other day and keep applying for two more weeks before you stick to one inch per week rule.

These stages are critical to the development of your lawn and if you want to achieve the best out of them, contact lawn care specialists on this link.